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Maximize Your Experience

Written by two experienced world travelers, this go-to manual contains the latest information on how to prepare for and enjoy your cruise and destination adventures. Foremost, the book provides travel-tested advice to make your voyage more rewarding with valuable tips and ideas about:

  • Using a travel agent to get the best values
  • Mastering passport and visa hurdles
  • Understanding the pros and cons of travel insurance
  • Juggling the intricacies of foreign currency
  • Maximizing your port experiences
  • Developing new ways of seeing
  • Embracing cultural differences and interacting with locals
  • Enjoying your sea days
  • Finding a free house/pet sitter
  • Streamlining the packing process
  • Creatively sharing your experiences with othersand so much more 

    In addition to being an invaluable resource, this book is filled with numerous photos from around the globe, as well as light hearted anecdotes and delightful stories. Very simply, it will help make your cruise and travel experiences much more exciting, fulfilling adventures.
    Available digitally and in print Fall 2014

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